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Home Security & Burglar Alarms – Buying Guide, Installation & Intruder-Proofing Tips & More!

With increasing home security issues and the ever-increasing crime rate of burglaries and home invasions, home security & burglar alarms systems are selling like hot cakes.

Statistics prove that a home with the latest security system is less likely to be burglarized when compared to an unprotected home.

Both home security alarm systems and burglar alarms are available as monitored systems as well as in non-monitored form. It means that your alarm system might be linked to a central monitoring response office or might simply be linked to an alarm which has been mounted in the home.

Before you are planning to invest in any particular home security system in Perth, it is important to understand what exactly you are looking for and what is suitable for your home.

Monitored Home Security Alarms

When it comes to monitored home security alarms, the installation company will charge you a monthly monitoring fee apart from installation charges. These charges are completely based on the choice of alarm and the features that you choose to have in your security system.

Whenever the system is tripped, the control panel on the system sends an intruder signal to the monitoring company through standard phone lines.

Within the gap of 10 seconds you will be contacted by the company and post verification of your code, the situation will be checked further. If unable to verify the code, the police will pay a visit to your home to check on you and your family’s safety.

The company ensures to collect three different contact details so that in case of your unavailability at home, they can reach out to someone else. It is important to ensure that you opt for a established and reliable home security system company as smaller companies sometimes don’t follow the same security guidelines and that might end up as a huge risk for you and your family.

Non- Monitored Home security Alarms

These home security and burglar alarm systems are not monitored by any central unit and work on the principle that when an intruder sound is detected, an automatic alarm sound will be raised and a call will be made to the local police.

In this case you might save some moolah, but end up paying fines to the police if there was a false alarm – which does happen.

Types of Installation

So, in your home there will be either wired or wireless systems installed by the home security company of your choice.

The sensors are placed at specific locations in your home and connected with the control unit; which in then is linked with the alarm system.

In some cases, people have even requested for automatic dialing or internet connection to be added to reach the monitoring company in time.

Additional Equipment Options

Along with the standard burglar alarm systems, you can also request the home security company for any of the following additional features:

  1. Hidden control panel
  2. Security keypad
  3. PIR detectors
  4. Magnetic devices for doors and windows
  5. Audio discriminators
  6. Sirens
  7. Signs and stickers
  8. Back-up system and remote control
  9. Smoke detector monitor
  10. Video camera

Tips to Consider When Installing in Security Systems

  1. If you purchase an aftermarket system (wireless), be aware that it could be prone to jamming. But it will ensure that you don’t need to rip out your home walls.
  2. In a wireless security system, all the equipment utilized is visible so you might want to cover it up for the sake of tidiness.
  3. Magnetic devices for doors and windows are standard and they will function only when the magnet and device are separated; so burglar detection is tricky (for both wired and wireless systems).
  4. If you don’t want to pay extra money every month, then the alarm system could be made to use standard home phone lines.
  5. The home security and burglar alarm basic security systems don’t cover the glass-break detector as they are mainly based on noise. Installing a security system near the windows will be more beneficial to you.
  6. It’s always important to ‘alarm up‘ each floor in your home; especially if you are in a multistory house.
  7. You can ask your security system company to install the smoke detectors in their alarm system, as an additional option in case of fire breakage during your absence.

Once the security system has been installed, regular testing is important to ensure proper functioning. These usually super tech-savvy home security and burglar alarm systems can easily get affected with small changes like your phone connection and be glitch-y.

So, to avoid such an incident, regular testing to ensure optimal performance is a must.

Selling your Car for Cash

Selling your car for cash is a great way to put some extra cash into your pocket when you need money right away. There are a vareity different ways for you to sell your car for a fee. People can sell their cars to an auto pawn shop, to a local dealer or auto auction company or sell their vehicle to a private buyer.

Auto Pawn Shops 

Auto pawn shops are great places to take your vehicle to get quick cash. As a matter of fact, auto pawn shop dealers are starting to become more common place within society. Many auto pawn companies know that people need extra money to pay their bills or to cver some type of emergency situation that arises. Depending on the make or model of a vehicle, the average person could get at least $5000 or more once they pawn their ride.

You can pawn your car for a number of different reasons which includes opening up a small business, repairing damage done to your home or raising enough cash to pay for a plane ticket back home. Some people even pawn their cars to get a family member or friend out of jail with bail money.

Selling to an Auto Dealer or Auction Company

You can sell your car to an auto dealer or auction company. There are plenty of auto dealers who are willing to buy your car in order to sell for a profit. They will take your vehicle and resell it for a profit. However, many auto dealers will usually give you the best deal for your car, especially if it is a model that is highly marketable.

Auto auction companies make their money by buying and selling their cars in local auctions. You can take your car to an auto auction and have them purchase your car. Most auto auction companies will buy a vehicle at a lower cost because bidding is involved in the sale of the vehicle. If you have an outdated vehicle that does not have a lot of resale value, then an auto auction might be your best bet.

You can also call a company that will pay Cash For Cars in Melbourne – just give them a call, then they will come and pick up your car, running or not and pay you cash on the spot. It’s really that easy!

Private Buyers

People constantly sell their vehicles to private buyers each day. You can do the same thing. You can list your vehicle in the classified section of your local newspaper or online. There are many online classified sites that you can use to list and sell your vehicle to local buyers. You can also place a for sale sign in the window of your vehicle since this will attract potential buyers. Sooner or later if someone is interested in your car, they will buy it.

Part Stores or Junk Yards

There are some junkyard dealers that will buy your car and then sell the parts off of the vehicle. This is another way that you can make some quick cash off of your vehicle. You will have to find a local junk yard dealer who is interested in your vehicle. To get the most amount of money from this type of transaction, you must have the type of vehicle that junk or parts dealers want to use for this purpose. Late model vehicles will net the most money for this purpose, since they are high in demand.

Which laser eye surgery to choose: PRK or LASIK?

Everyone wants perfect vision if you do not already have it. Most people who have to rely on glasses or contacts understand the horrible feeling when they forget said items and have to go a day without being able to see properly. It is not a good feeling especially if you have to drive. Fortunately, laser eye surgery exists to correct this problem.

Let’s dive into what laser eye surgery is. This particular surgery changes the shape of the cornea which is the clear front portion of your eye that covers the pupil and iris. Your cornea provides more than half of your eye’s power to focus on objects near and far which can cause problems with your vision if harmed in any way.

For those who want to forgo glasses and contacts altogether for a more permanent solution, surgery is the route to go. There are 2 main types of eye surgery: PRK and Denver LASIK. There are advantages and disadvantages for both which are the most popular methods.

Photorefractive keratectomy, or PRK, is a very accurate corrective laser vision treatment that is performed directly on the surface of the cornea. It was the first type of surgery of its kind to correct vision. It is considered to be the safer of the two since it is not as invasive as LASIK. PRK is used to fix mild to moderate vision problems such as astigmatism or nearsightedness (myopia).

Like other types of eye surgery in San Diego to correct vision, it works by using an excimer laser to reshape the cornea with ultraviolet rays. Without an excimer laser this type of laser surgery would not be possible because it allows light that enters the eye to be focused onto the retina properly to allow for clear vision.

There are downsides to PRK such as mild discomfort after surgery, but only for up to 3 days after the procedure. There is also a longer time to correct the vision which can take up to 3 months, and some patients report still needing the use of glasses afterwards.

Laser-assisted-in-situ keratomileusis or more commonly known as LASIK, is when the surgeon makes an incision to create a flap of tissue in the cornea. The laser then reshapes the cornea’s inner layers to correct the vision. The flap is then put back into place and typically heals within 24 hours which is why this method is so popular.

Both procedures are safe, but PRK’s main advantage is that it is considered to be more safe than LASIK. The reason is because PRK is performed on the corneal surface rather than inside the cornea with LASIK. It is a little less invasive, but again both procedures are safe.

Everyone who is a candidate for LASIK is also one for PRK, but it may not work the other way around. PRK candidates may not qualify to be a LASIK patient if they have a thinner cornea since LASIK requires an incision in the corneal tissue to be performed. Speaking with a LASIK doctor in San Antonio will help you determine if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.

Overall, both PRK and LASIK are great options to consider permanently correcting your vision. They both have their pros and cons, but the differences are so slight that you could go either way. If any help is needed in choosing which one you would like to undergo, think about the healing time. LASIK would definitely be the best option.

Moving House & Moving Companies

It is likely that one will need to make a move from an old property into a new one at one or more points within their life time. When this time comes the individual will almost certainly need to invest some time in choosing a good removals team that can help in the moving process. But what should one think about when they are choosing the correct removals team for the job? In this article we will take a look at the benefits that one can expect when they are choosing a specific Removalist on the Gold Coast. We will also explain how one can focus on the important things to remember, in order to carry out a successful move


Using the Internet can be a good way of finding a well trusted removals company. However, you may also find a good removals company just by walking out and about in town looking for vans that are advertising their services. Many removals companies offer a professional service with well-trained removals staff that have had a wide range of experience with different jobs within removals. the team should also have a well equipped van that offers extra padding features, so that when the items are loaded into the van, they do not get damaged in any way and will be safely relocated to the new property.


The benefit of a good removals team is that they will be more flexible to your needs and your demands. They should be friendly and understanding and should be able to pick up your items in an effective and respectful way. They should also be able to give you a free quote when you contact them and should not have any hidden fees that they present to you once they have carried out the service. You want to hire someone local – there’s nothing worse than having to deal with a Brisbane Removalist if you’re just moving within the Gold Coast.

Additional things to consider

The removals company should also be licensed and should be able to give details on the way in which they carry out their removals service. They should also tell you about any extra charges that may occur on weekend and evening moves. You should also be able to find out whether the company uses full-time staff or part-time staff as this may affect your decision as to whether you use the company or not. Some individuals prefer to use full-time staff as they feel the part-time staff may not have high enough skill level for the job.


Moving from an old property into a new one can be a stressful experience and an individual should choose a removals company that can carry out a service that does not add to the stress. If a high-quality removals team is chosen, the individual should experience a smooth and swift move into their new property and should feel confident that their possessions are being looked after. You should be able to sense whether a removals team have had a lot of experience in the past and should put trust into those companies that give off a sense of confidence within this job.