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5 Great Surfing Spots in the World and Then Some

All over there the world there are certainly primo spots to go surfing. Places all great surfers dream of going that are the best places to catch the best waves. Places like Hawaii and Australia, kind of no brainers really, but how about in Morocco or Ireland? Really who would have thought? Ireland?

Truth is there are so many great places to surf it is hard to whittle them down to 5. But I will, and on top of that, there is a bonus 3 spots just for beginners.

Let’s face it if you are a beginner or shaky on the board, I don’t care how big the waves are or how long the barrel is, if you aren’t at a level to surf those waves, if you can’t hang with the big dogs, you aren’t going to think it’s a great place to surf are you?

So now, not for the faint of heart, or the novice surfer to do more than watch the pros, here are five places that the surfing is the best of the best.

Pipeline – Oahu, Hawaii

Most surfers will never be good enough to surf this one, but they can dream. Twenty-foot waves and a flawless water tube make it a surfer’s paradise.

Supertubes – Jeff’s Bay, South Africa

Off of an intense point break Jeff’s bay offers fast, long barrels and lots of choice waves in it’s four different quadrants. Experts can look forward to rides of up to 1000 feet.

Aileen’s, Ireland

Located at the base of the Ireland Cliffs of Moor, it seems like an odd surfer destination but the waves are big and intense. Ireland is becoming the surfers go to for European surfing.

Maverick’s, California USA

Waves of legend, this once little-known spot was just a local gem until Mark Foo, one of surfing’s legends went to check it out and never came back up. Not many surfers dare to face the waves when they are at their peak after being juiced by a storm.

Superbanks, Gold Coast Australia

Producing tubes and solid walls, which may result in one of the best rides of your life. Probably one of the world’s finest breaks. If you are just starting out, of course you aren’t looking for the spots with huge waves and long rolling tubes. Gentle swells and breaks are more suited for beginners and here are 3 spots great for getting your feet wet.

Linda Mar Beach, California

Located south of San Francisco, a one-mile stretch of beach offering a variety of swells and waves. Popular spot for beginning and intermediate surfers alike and less than an hour away from Mavericks.

Galveston Beach, Texas

With miles of uncrowded beach breaks, rolling swells and gentle waves, this beach located 45 minutes from Houston is primo for beginners. Access to the surf spots is easy and with a jetty protecting the piers on either side the surf is not choppy and easier to paddle out in.

Kuta, Bali

While this may also be one of the best spots for surfing all around with its fast left breaks, beginners do well here when the swell is low. Plus you can’t beat the scenery. Surfboards are plentiful for rent however; the waves do tend to get crowded.