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Being a Pro Surfer – Do YOU Have What it Takes?

The difference between hanging ten on a beautiful Saturday at the beach and shredding the waves in a pro surfer competition is more than just night and day. Ever wonder what it takes to go from one to the other?

Pro surfing is amazingly hard to make a living in. Like any professional sport, it isn’t all that easy to get into either. If you love the waves and can do it though, I can’t imagine any better way to live.

You have to start competing as soon as you can on the amateur circuit, even if you don’t always, or often, win; it’s where you start up the ladder to the pros. It takes a lot to get singled out from the bunch as a surfer but if you keep at it and you make a name for yourself starting locally then traveling to other amateur competitions, you may have what it takes.

Beyond just competing in amateur competitions to make a name, all successful pro surfers share qualities vital to their survival in the sport.

Work Ethic

Sure surfing is a laid back chill sort of sport, or at least it looks that way. To be a professional though you have to work hard not only physically in the waves but at being seen and getting sponsors, self-promoting and staying in shape. You have to commit and work hard every day.

Physical Fitness

Surfing is physically taxing and requires strength and endurance. To be a pro you have to be, and stay in superior physical shape. Working out and eating healthy keeps you in the game and for longer.


Well, yeah. Some people have it, and it makes it seem second nature for them to ride amazingly difficult waves. You can practice all day long but if you aren’t inherently talented then you probably can’t make it to the pros. All pros have insane talent.


Perhaps this goes under talent for it seems the most fearless are the ones who have the talent to do it. Maybe that’s why they are fearless or maybe they are fearless because they are just that good. Whichever, you can’t be a chicken and be a pro.

Competitive Aggression

Be laid back on the beach but when you get in those waves you better want to win. It gives an edge all pros have over amateurs.

Being a pro looks like an exciting life and I am sure it is. Not everybody can do it though, but if you have the talent and drive maybe you can.