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When You Get Cut, Staple Up!

If surf’s up, then I am too. You don’t even have to ask. Water recreation is my passion for those new to my blog. I want to share a world of fun and adventure with others who might be of the same ilk. New people are flocking to the sport every day when they hear about its benefits. Sometimes I share a few misadventures as well, like the time I surfed my way into a coral reef, achieving a major wipeout in the process. There were some consequences, although not a real threat to life and limb.

Was I not paying attention? Was my mind wandering? Who knows. I ended up with some serious cuts on my legs that had to be stapled up. Yes, I said stapled. When you have emergency care right there on the gritty sand, you don’t get a plastic surgeon by your side with needle and dissolvable thread. The wound just has to be cleaned and stopped from any further bleeding, whatever it takes. They want to send you home in one bandaged piece. As for scars, they are irrelevant.

Surfing isn’t that dangerous for the most part. I don’t want to give a bad impression and deter you from partaking. When the waves are colossal, maybe it borders on peril like a rough day at the Banzai Pipeline, but most of the time they are tame and timid. You don’t have to give it a second thought. I haven’t been hurt in quite some time. The worst is a bit of swallowed water as I descend after a fall. Falling off your board, by the way, is pretty common, if not mandatory. No one is perfect. Everyone wipes out regularly. If you say you don’t, you are showing off. The trick is to avoid hitting your head in a wipeout.

So for newbies thinking of taking up this wonderful sport, fear not. You will not need stapling, I promise. You will need some good, sound swimming skills, a lot of moxie, and a dash of guts. You need balance and quick reaction time, not to mention stamina and drive. Anyone, at any age, is eligible for a great day at the beach. If you like sun and sand, this is your sport. A bit of research on the best locales will tell you if you are within driving or flying vicinity. You can plan your vacations accordingly. By the way, coral reefs are mostly in Hawaii, the Caribbean, and Australia. You can avoid them if you like.

In closing, perhaps I should suggest that you put a box stapler in your first aid kit and keep it handy. Just kidding.

You might want to consider keeping a basic kit in the car or backpack, however, for minor inflictions that don’t merit a call to Triple Zero. Some Bandaids and other types of small dressings are automatic along with some antibiotic ointment, tape, and mini scissors. Some aspirin might also be included. Finding your abandoned surfboard down the beach can give any aficionado a big headache.