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A Surfer’s Best Friend

Do you want to know what is a surfer’s best friend? It is not the board or your favourite beach towel. From my point of view, it is a g shock watch that keeps track of the tides, making it easier to know when to head out to ride the waves. I have a great one by Casio so I know. I had never had a shock-resistant watch before, nor a timepiece this expensive. Not only does it track the tides, but it checks temperature and direction, especially useful under tough, abnormal conditions.

The functionality of the watch comes from twin sensors. The watch also features a high-luminosity LED backlight and multiple gaskets. I love the way it fits securely and comfortably by means of a thin strap. It is known for its digital compass that uses a hand indication of North and gives sixty seconds of continuous measurement. Not to bore you with too much technical stuff, the watch also uses bidirectional calibration, has magnetic declination correction (don’t ask me to explain), and keeps everything in memory.

Wait! There’s more. The Casio has a thermometer and display unit, it has an auto light switch, selectable duration, and afterglow. It can even be used as a snooze alarm or stop watch. Now we are getting super practical. Who doesn’t want a countdown timer? This one goes from sixty minutes, then measuring in one second and one minute increments. It features both 12-hour and 24-hour formats and has a low battery indicator so you are never caught by surprise.

I like so much about this watch. It is accurate to approximately fifteen seconds each month, it has analog and digital configurations, and a pre-programmed auto calendar to 2099. What more could you ask for. I take it almost everywhere and of course it is waterproof. One time at the beach I took it off for a moment and placed it on my towel. I forgot about it and went for a dip. When I returned, I couldn’t find it. I was hysterical at the loss. I dug about in the surrounding sand and after much effort, I found it. I was so relieved!

You can find the best g shock watches at varying prices and they make a great gift for the man who has everything. I have a few surfer buddies and now I know what will commemorate a special birthday. You can find many fine models on line and they all have a unique appearance. A lot of good design has gone into this type of watch. Looks are as important as functionality. You have to imagine the recipient’s reaction when giving such a watch. You want to be sure to get one that suits their taste and lifestyle. Read all the descriptions, compare prices, and glance at the reviews to be sure the item you select is reliable, durable, and long-lasting. If you get a well-known brand, you can never go wrong.