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Big Trip Planned?

I am always in search of water adventures of any type. I have experienced most of the traditional ones like riding a Jet Ski, snorkeling by a reef, boating, rafting, kayaking. There are dozens more. I just want to be on, in, or near the water. There is something purely relaxing, magical, and mind expanding about the liquid: whether fresh water or salt. When I have free time and a vacation coming, you better bet that I will be going somewhere known for surfing and/or water sports. I have my special choices. This gives me a lot of choices on virtually every continent in the world. I like to rotate the places I go for variety and scenic excitement. A good water vacation is put a plane ride away. Sometimes a long one, however. I don’t mind. To explore the surf on other shores, I am willing to spend time in a claustrophobic hollow metal cabin. That’s what I think of flying. It is not my favorite pastime. The air gets so bad after a few hours that you worry for your health. You also wonder what disease you could be catching sitting next to other passengers.

A few tips are in order when you fly. Some people even wear HEPA filters. You never know from where other travelers are coming and what maladies they bring onto the plane. I wish there were medical professionals on every flight. It would ease my troubled mind. I am a wreck by the time I get to my destination. No wonder I need the soothing relief of water the whole time. I have gotten a bit paranoid. I am at the point where I wear compression socks designed for nurses to reduce the risk of blood clots. They are similar to the kind you wear in surgery when you are under the knife for many hours for the same reason. They are the type nurses wear to improve their circulation as they work long hours on their feet.

I am in a quandary about where to go for my next vacation. It has gotten to the point where I could open an atlas and aim a dart and go there. I no doubt would not have been, but would be happy to give it a fair try. I feel that I should limit my airplane ride to 8 hours since I worry about blood clots, but this fear is a little over dramatic. With my compression socks, why not go to Australia, Tahiti, or beyond. I will be well protected for the extra hours on board.

I mentioned the socks to a friend, and guess what?, he got me a pair for a bon voyage present. How a propos. Also a bit odd. I was about to run some down on the Internet, not knowing where nurses and other people who wear compression legwear buy them. Maybe a travel store? The kind that sells sunscreen clothing, hiking gear, and assorted camouflage hats. They are a medical type of attire so a medical supply store might also be the place. No matter. I now own a pair.