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Dude, I’m a Genius

Sometimes you want to make a date with a new gal more interesting. I tend to do the same things over and over like everyone else; and even though they may involve surfing and water recreation, it is nice to try something new. I practically live at the beach so there are only so many activities you can indulge in. The magic of the ocean with its white-cresting waves beckons. I love the glint of the sun on the water and the smooth expanse of pillow soft sand. I want to impress this new woman and I decided to rent some beach cruiser bikes for a day of peddling along the shore. Who wouldn’t enjoy such an outing, especially if the weather is nice.

I wanted a two-wheeled adventure like no other that would look cool and also feel comfortable. The last thing you want to hear on a date are complaints. We cruised the boardwalk after we did the beach, or took a late day trip into town. A good beach cruiser bike like the ones here, will give you a great ride wherever you are. It is not limited to the shore. What a great idea and in point of fact, it went over really big. A cruiser is a little different than a regular bike. The frame geometry places the pedals fore of the seatpost, which creates the desired low center of gravity you want and puts the rider in an upright, balanced position. It also has simple a single-speed drivetrain and rear coaster brakes that are easy enough to use. In other words, you pedal in reverse to brake. With 26 inch wheels, you get complete stability through turns at slow speeds. Plus, the platform pedal works with whatever shoe or sandal you may be wearing. Finally, one size fits most. It’s an easy choice.

Okay, we did our stint on our cruiser bikes and ended up in a boardwalk café for a light snack. The bikes are a genius idea as my date was in the best mood. We shared a seafood salad and a couple of beers before heading home. All my date could talk about in the car was how wonderful the day had been due to these custom beach bikes. Not everyone has tried them out unless they are on an extended beach vacation.

I got a lot of hits from my date that she would like to mirror the date at another time. I don’t know if she really like me as good company or the bikes. No matter, this is how relationships begin. You make some kind of connection doing something you like in common and it progresses from there. I am happy enough to give a fair share of the credit to the bikes. Don’t cheat yourself out of a new kind of cycling fun. I highly recommend you plan an adventure on the next sunny day. Take a camera and document the day, highlighting the unique cruiser bike as the center of attention.